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Talking Benches Guernsey because we care

Offering support to anyone whose life has been affected by suicide

Sarah Bamford from Talking Benches says:

"Watch this space for 3 more benches to be put out soon".

"TB is delighted to be working with GROW, as we share the aim of "let's talk to each other".


A big Thank You to the Prison & CLIP for assembling and painting our latest benches, which are at GROW

Why have red and white benches appeared in Southampton?

Southern Daily Echo (Web), 01/02/2024, Unattributed

Three Saints-themed benches have popped up around the city, designed to get people talking. The benches are painted in the football club's signature red and white stripes and also all have a plaque to spark conversation - with the goal to reduce social isolation. This is to coincide with Time To Talk Day, a national initiative that encourages mental health conversations between friends, families, communities, and workplaces.

Sarah Bamford from Talking Benches says:

"Well done Southampton – a fantastic initiative"

Suicide Support Conference

Update and thank you

A big thank you to everyone for your support at the Suicide conference. Over 90 people came to learn and show their support. All of you who were there will remember the governor's opening speech, in which he told us of his own personal experience.

We had written to Prince William asking for a video message. He responded very personally, apologising that he could not do this but wishing us every success in this worthwhile venture.

Conversations are ongoing about how to reduce the high incidence of suicide on the island and support those affected.

Well done, and thank you from all of us at Talking Benches.

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Talking Benches are part of the journey to help

Talking Benches Guernsey is the brainchild of three Guernsey women who have sadly lost their sons to suicide.  Suicide awareness benches spread a life-saving message to encourage students to get help if needed.

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