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The Suicide Journey

Anyone who experiences suicide ends up on a journey.  Each journey will be individual to them. Those of us who are part of Talking Benches are all on our own journey, and although our experiences are unique to each of us, by sharing them, we realise that we don’t have to journey alone. By sharing our own experiences, we can both learn and support others. My journey began just over 30 years ago. I have kept moving on because I haven’t been alone. You can, too.

Jax Robin – Talking Benches

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The loss of a loved one by suicide can be one of the most disheartening experiences in life. The shocking and unexpected nature of suicide can often leave survivors feeling guilty, confused, angry, and ashamed. In addition, survivors are often subjected to the effects of guilt, stigma, and trauma, which can keep them away from the support and professional services they might need.


You are loved

This is a statement from a Suicide Awareness resource.

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Please try not to be sad or grieve for me when I pop my clogs.
I had an enjoyable life with lots of fun, laughter and of course hugs.

My mind and soul are now at peace, I am sorry I had to go.
I fought the fight as long as I could and that is what I want you to know.

Please remember all the good times we had, the pranks I used to play.
I would rather tears of happiness than those of feeling grey.

I will stay with you forever and will always be close by.
This is not goodbye continually so please try not to cry.

Think of all the good times of which there were lots and lots.
Remember me with happiness and do not get tied up in knots.

I will see you in the future and for that you can be sure.
I love you all so very much and much much much much more.

When I composed this it felt like my dad helped me write it for his funeral service.


If only I'd known

In loving memory

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written eulogy


Since I was a little girl

Written the night before the funeral in true ‘Für Elise' style 

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