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As part of an initiative to encourage people to talk about suicide, benches have been installed in various locations. These benches offer a safe space for individuals to discuss their struggles, demonstrating that people are willing to listen and offer support. Talking Benches founder Sarah Bamford, emphasized the importance of these benches, especially in light of a recent increase in suicides in Guernsey. She believes that even a simple conversation about a topic like the Island Games could make a big difference to someone's day, as they may have not spoken to anyone else that day.

According to the Health & Social Care Committee, approximately 40 deaths between 2017 and 2022 were caused by suicide or injury of undetermined intent. The number of such deaths was around six or seven per year between 2017 and 2019, but it increased to nine in 2020 and 11 in 2021.


The CEO of Guernsey Mind, Jo Cottell, stated that people often worry about not knowing what to say, but breaking a person's thought pattern is important. Talking and listening to what people say is key in this regard.


The Lions Club and Norman Piette are supporting this project.

According to Lions Club President, Paul Allaway, anything that could help improve someone's mental health is worth investing time in. Meanwhile, Norman Piette's Marketing Coordinator, Dalen Vile, believes the benches are worth the investment if they can help at least one person. The benches were initially plain and delivered in a flat pack. However, the team at GO assembled them and decorated them in a bright green and orange colour scheme. The benches are placed in six different locations, including two at Corbet Field (which is Vale Rec's home ground), one at Footes Lane, one at the indoor bowl's centre in Hougue du Pommier, one at Beau Sejour, and one at the Model Yacht Pond.

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